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What to do when your courses change

Courses changed

Your courses are imported into Pathways and mapped to careers, helping people discover courses that are related to their careers of interest. Throughout the year your course offering will change and this article helps outline the steps you need to take when this happens.

This article is now out of date. Find out how our new auto-mapping process always ensures your courses are up to date.

If you’re using our Explore or Retrain products, then most likely we will have imported your courses into Pathways to create a mapping between your courses and careers. You can check this by visiting the ‘Courses’ tab in your Pathways Admin area.

Your imported courses
Your imported courses

When someone uses the Explore or Retrain products and discovers careers of interest, the tool will suggest related courses to help. It is this relationship of career to course that you want to ensure is always up to date.

Our course offering has updated. Help!

Throughout the year you may have regular changes to your course offering and there will also come a point where you release new courses for the upcoming academic year. If your course URLs are changing, it’s important we catch these changes early!

You have the ability to add / remove courses manually within your Pathways admin area, so if there are only minor changes you can choose to do this yourself.

However, it may be much more time efficient to contact us to run a new import - either by providing us with a spreadsheet of your courses or we run a scan on your website.

Internal tasks

We are pro-active and run our own internal tasks that check automatically against your imported courses, to ensure there are no broken links.

However our primary advice would be to contact us and let us know when things are changing. We will always help to make sure your courses in Pathways remain in sync with your course offering.

University clients

Note that this advice is not relevant for university clients. Your courses are automatically imported into Pathways on a regular basis from the HESA/Unistats dataset.

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