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Promote your courses by mapping them to careers.

Used by over 100 education institutions

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Highlight career progression from your courses

Our careers mapping technology ensures your course automatically links to careers and demonstrates to students the route to their chosen career.

Embed in your course and subject pages

Our Pathways tools embed seamlessly into your website and displays careers-rich information and progression data alongside your existing content. They're simple to embed and customisation tools allow them to feel like part of your website.

Tools for school liaison sessions

With the introduction of the new Provider Access Legislation (PAL), schools are now legally required to offer technical education providers access to their students. Pathways Explore is an excellent tool to help school liaison officers at your college engage with school students about careers they may not of heard of and to highlight the courses offered at the college that can lead to those careers.

Engage prospective students through a careers-first approach

Although some students will have a clear idea of the course and direction they want to take, others will need more hand holding. Pathways enables your website to take a careers first approach by allowing them to explore over 800 careers which are then linked to your courses.

Use as a CIAG resource with current students and schools

Pathways Explore is a great resource to start your students getting excited about careers. It's a light touch tool with no registration or login barriers. Students can immediately find out about jobs without having to navigate their way through complex careers tools. It gets straight to the point and can even link to courses you offer.

Insights and measuring performance

A comprehensive suite of reports allow you to track usage and discover how Pathways is being used on your website. Find out which careers have been viewed most and from which courses.

Helps fulfil Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted's careers criteria

Good career guidance is essential and your use of Pathways will help fulfil some of the criteria set out by the government relating to labour market information, linking curriculum to careers and highlighting routes to FE and HE.

Improve student retention rates

Applicants who are fully informed on the route to their chosen career and understand their future employment prospects are better suited to the courses for which they apply.

Use our careers data and infographics in your prospectuses

Promote your courses in your prospectus and course leaflets by showing how they link to careers. Add our infographics to course pages and subject area pages to help engage students and their parents in potential progression opportunities.

The pathways tool is fantastic. It is easy to use and shows students where the qualifications they are studying can take them in the future.

The sheer size of the task to add Labour Market Information into over 70 course pages has held us back. But with Pathways we have that solved. It's exactly what we needed, and more!

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