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That's great you'd like to buy Pathways! To continue with the purchase, please contact us and we will get things moving.

You will most likely need some information from us to be set up as a supplier on your system. And we will need a PO reference number from you to go on our invoice.

Pathways uses careers data from a number of different reputable sources including Office for National Statistics, LMIforAll, National Careers Service, O*NET, HESA and Jisc. The data used in Pathways is always as up-to-date as possible - as soon as it's updated at source, Pathways will automatically update to the latest version. There is no need for you to do any form of updating.

We need a simple way to understand the size of your institution and feel the number of full-time students does just that. It helps us identify the projected level of usage and is a fair pricing structure to institutions of all sizes.

We class full-time students as those who study at your institution full-time or enrolled on programmes like apprenticeships where it’s a full-time commitment from the student.

For universities, our pricing is based on FTEs (Full Time Equivalent students). A calculation showing how many students would be attending if all were enrolled full time.

We understand you will use Pathways with prospective students. The need to clarify your full-time student numbers is purely to gauge your institution's size and therefore which pricing tier you will fall into.

Our online demos are delivered using Zoom or Teams and last between 30 and 45 minutes. We will arrange a time with you in advance and you can invite as many people as necessary from your institution.

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