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LMI infographic posters are ready to download in your account

19th November 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

We had such a great response to our occupation infographics for social media, that we’ve extended these so you can download A4 posters showing key Labour Market Information for all jobs within Pathways.

It’s important for us that we provide you with the tools you need to engage students around possible career destinations and help open their eyes to where your courses can lead them.

Much of this is centred around the digital tools we provide you, however we’re also aware that printed materials can help with this too.

Infographics for social media

After such a great response from the new occupation infographics feature we released back in July, we wanted to extend this to offer further marketing material that was in addition to the digital offering.

The next step in this is a full range of A4 posters that you can download and print, to display within your college to help engage students around possible careers. 

A4 LMI poster for 'Paramedics'

Choose from over 360 careers, brand the posters in any colour you choose and the posters display a range of Labour Market Information and progression data, specific to that job. All the data presented is available within the Pathways tool, but now in printed form.