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Extend Pathways into your social media activity with occupation infographics

8th July 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

Wouldn’t it be great if you could send out a Tweet with key Labour Market Information for a particular job? All generated automatically? Well that’s what a college asked us, and we thought it was a great idea!

About 6 weeks ago we were presenting Pathways to a college and talking through how it could work within their group of colleges. The session was very positive, lots of discussion around the benefits of showcasing progression opportunities and then someone asked if Pathways could work on social media.

As you may know, Pathways is embedded in your college website and maps your courses to future careers. It’s built for that exact purpose - to run on your website.

Embedding such functionality into a Tweet or Facebook post just isn’t possible.

However everyone in the room agreed there was value in being able to extend Pathways into their social media activity to engage students with details of possible career destinations.

So we made it happen

We left the meeting with plenty of positivity, but also with a challenge. To take some of the key elements from within Pathways and develop a flexible resource that could work outside of your website environment. To help you engage with students away from your website.

It became clear that simplest solution was to create a series of images, each containing key Labour Market Information for an occupation. Presented as an infographic so the data was clear and engaging to your student audience.

Occupation infographic for Physiotherapists

The data that feeds into Pathways is live data, which is updated at regular intervals. So we couldn’t create a set of static graphics. They had to be live.

We also wanted these infographics to relate to your college, so we’ve incorporated the same primary colour you set in your Pathways account into these images.

How it works

Within your Pathways account you can generate infographics for over 360 difference occupations, each branded with your college colours and easy to download. Showing key information for salary and predicted employment. 

Use them across your social media accounts and wherever you feel they can add value.

We’re listening!

And please remember, if you have an idea for some future functionality let us know. It might just become our next new feature.