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Showcasing common study routes to a career

Hero students

We’re always looking to improve Pathways and in our latest update we’ve introduced a new Common Study Routes screen. Using progression data from HESA, we highlight the most common routes students take from Level 3 courses through Higher Education and on to their chosen career.

We launched our Job Sector version of Pathways in August last year and as part of this version, it included common study routes for all careers that had data for routes through Higher Education. We had a fantastic response to this screen as it presented key progression information to students in a really clear way.

Common study routes for 'Marketing associate professionals'
Common study routes for 'Marketing associate professionals'

The screen wasn’t part of the original version of Pathways, that mapped your level 3 courses to HE and careers.

Updated version

This week we have released an update to Pathways, which now includes this Common Study Routes screen. Where previously, users would click a down arrow to discover more information about where to study particular subjects at HE level, this information is now incorporated into each career.

Clicking ‘More about this job’ takes you through to a set of screens with detailed information about each job including job description, detailed Labour Market Information, videos, regional data and now Common Study Routes from your level 3 courses through HE and on to the particular career.

The Common Study Routes screen will display if the majority of people working in the selected job hold a Level 4 qualification or above, and there is progression data available.

On this screen, you can click to find out more about where to study at HE level for each particular subject. Which shows a screen you may be familiar with from the previous version of Pathways.

We haven’t removed any screens or information as part of this update, but rearranged things slightly to focus more on the career and showcase the Common Study Routes for each career.

Included in this update

As part of this update, we’ve also updated the workings of the regional data screen. You may see no obvious changes, except that it should now load much quicker. Previously, the screen waited for the live job vacancies to load from Reed before showing other data. This has now been moved out to a separate request, so not to halt the display of other data.

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