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Updates to Pathways Graduate that give greater visibility and further customisation

Graduate updates

This week we’re excited to launch two new features for universities using our Pathways Graduate product. We’ve introduced a percentage weighting for career destinations and have extended the customisation options when mapping your courses to careers.

The conversations we have with you, our Pathways clients, are always valuable and are so often the source of further advancements and improvements across the Pathways tools. This week we have launched two new features for university clients which are the outcome of discussions we’ve had with two separate university clients.

Percentage weighting of career destinations

Within Pathways Graduate, we show the careers your graduates go on to do. This information is informed by data from Graduate Outcomes and enables you to highlight to prospective students the routes your graduates take after university.

To date, we had always listed these career destinations in ranking order starting with the career with the highest uptake.

With our latest update we are still listing them in rank order, however we now display the percentage weighting against each career. This allows users to understand the proportion of your graduates following a particular pathway and gives a greater visibility into the level of uptake for each career.

Percentage weighting of career destinations
Percentage weighting of career destinations

There are two instances where the percentage weighting of career destinations won’t display and will revert to the numerical ranking. Firstly, if you’ve created a custom list of careers this is no longer based on student numbers and therefore can’t assign a percentage weighting. Secondly, if associated student numbers fall below a certain threshold as set by Jisc, then we’re unable to show a percentage breakdown.

Customisation of job roles against specific courses

There are no admin requirements of you to manage the course to career mapping that informs the Pathways Graduate and Pathways Explore products. Everything works automatically, informed by numerous datasets.

If you’d like to amend any of the career destinations, Pathways allows you to build your own lists of career destinations against your courses.

Creating a custom list of careers against a course allows you to define the specific career areas that you’d like to be associated.

Our internal career mapping system extends these career areas, providing greater depth and insight by showcasing a range of job roles that exist in each career area. This information is then displayed in both the Graduate and Explore products.

Whilst the Pathways system has always allowed you to create custom career lists, our latest update has given you the ability to also control the job roles that are being showcased against a career area - specifically for each course.

Custom job roles against specific courses
Custom job roles against specific courses

This feature is incredibly powerful and provides you with a very refined level of control over how your courses relate to specific job roles, right across the Pathways products.

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