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Pathways roadmap - what’s coming up!

Hero road map

We are always looking to further the use and functionality of Pathways to ensure that our college clients are always getting the most out of what the tool offers. As a result we thought we’d share our ‘Pathways roadmap’ with you so that you can see what’s in the pipeline for future development.

Mapping apprenticeships to jobs

With Apprenticeships being high on everyone's agenda, we know that there is a requirement to help promote these where we can. Our aim for Pathways is to help students make the best course choices for the careers that they are interested in. With this in mind we have mapped all approved apprenticeship standards to the occupations that we hold in Pathways.

This means Pathways will be able to show students all relevant apprenticeship options that are available to them when looking at a particular job role.

We are really excited about this new development because not only is the data hugely informative, but also, as far as we are aware, Pathways will be the only tool to have done this.

New ‘vocational’ courses data

Currently we have a version of Pathways which maps Level 3 courses on to HE and then to jobs. This utilises data from A levels and BTECs. We now plan to extend this by adding a new dataset which will cover all your Vocational courses.

Feature to help keep student applicants warm

We understand that one of the most vital objectives for college marketing teams is to convert applicants into learners. Part of every college’s marketing plan will be ‘keeping warm’ those applicants that have yet to enrol. Our next up-coming feature will hopefully add to your college's marketing arsenal for this purpose as we will be creating a ‘get excited about your course’ feature.

Multiple accounts

After feedback from a few colleges we’ll soon be adding the ability for a single user to manage multiple accounts on Pathways. This is because some colleges need more than one license as they use Pathways on different websites, such as a sister college website or their VLE.


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