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New Profiler Quiz tool

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Our new Pathways Explore product has proved very popular with many colleges adding it to their website, allowing students to take a ‘careers first’ approach to finding their courses.

We’ve now made Pathways Explore even better by adding a new ‘quiz’ component, that uses a series of 30 simple multiple choice questions to profile a student's interests. On completion of the quiz, Explore categorises their personality and suggests careers that match. The careers are then mapped to your courses.


The Profile questions use ONET’s Interests profiler API which rates each answer and applies it to six different personality types. These personality types are based on John Holland's Theory of Career Choice.

The six personality types are:

  • Realistic (A Doer)
  • Investigative (A Thinker)
  • Artistic (An Artist)
  • Social (A Carer)
  • Enterprising (A Persuader)
  • Conventional (An Organiser)

Each personality type includes a short synopsis of the attributes that make up their personality along with the type of things they are suited to doing.


We hope by adding this new Profiler tool to Explore that we can help some students who are perhaps unsure of their career path and give them some direction with careers and courses they might be interested in doing.

The Explore feature is a real asset to our website and an incredibly useful tool for both our potential and current students. It helps them map out their routes to success by linking the courses we provide with the careers they aspire to.

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