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Monthly reports straight to your inbox

Monthly report

There's some really interesting usage data being captured where you’ve embedded Pathways One across your institution’s website. The detailed analytics data are all available in your Pathways account, however we’ll now be send you monthly summary emails to ensure you’re kept up to date.

When you embed Pathways One in your website, usage data is recorded so you can see how it’s being interacted with and student-led career trends. That data has always been available for you to review in detail from within your Pathways account.

Starting next month, we will be sending out monthly summary emails detailing your previous month’s Pathways One usage. So rather than having to log in to your Pathways account to see this, we’re bringing it straight to your inbox.

Example email report
Example email report

If you have people in you team who’d rather not receive these report emails, they can choose to opt-out in their account settings.

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