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Help adults find courses to retrain

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It's never been more important for Colleges to cater for the needs of adults looking to retrain or up-skill. The pandemic has left many adults without jobs to go to and many considering different careers. Find out how the new version of Pathways could help you promote your courses to adults.

A couple of weeks ago we presented a short webinar for the College Marketing Network initially outlining some of the ways that colleges have been using Pathways, as well as introducing some of the new things we have on the horizon for Pathways - most specifically a new tool we are developing called Pathways Retrain.

Pathways Retrain

With the events of the pandemic over the last year and the fact that so many people are now without jobs, coupled also by the government's announcement regarding the Lifetime Skills Guarantee for adults - we decided there was a need for a new version of Pathways specifically aimed at adults who are perhaps looking for a new job or looking to retrain.

Research by City & Guilds Group reveals that a third of Britons (34%) want to change careers, but only 16% of respondents understand exactly how their skills would be useful in another career

The aim of Pathways Retrain is to help adults who are thinking about retraining, to find potential jobs they might be interested in - all based around the skills that they have gained through their current or previous employment. The jobs will then be mapped to courses that can be taken at college, allowing them to see how they can retrain and therefore allow access to that new job.

It's important to mention at this point that this version will be included in the normal annual Pathways licence - so there’s no extra cost involved for colleges - it will just be another tool that you can use as part of the Pathways suite.

Many colleges have shown a lot of interest in Pathways retrain as they see it fits well with the current climate and allows them to promote courses to adults by matching up careers to the courses they offer.

We still have some way to go with the development of this product and when the time comes, due to the complexity of the tool, we would welcome any of our current clients to help us trial this version before we offer it up as a part of the Pathways suite.

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