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AUB use Pathways in new Careers App.

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New careers web app uses Pathways to promote arts courses by linking them to careers

One of the great things about creating a new bit of technology is seeing it being used in the ‘wild’. Pathways career tools have now been embedded in more than 70 college websites and that number keeps on growing.

As we see and hear from more and more people who are using Pathways, it helps us understand how we can develop the tools to ensure that they are achieving their full potential in providing a key source of careers information for your students.

Although in the vast majority of cases Pathways tools are used as supplementary information within institutions' main websites, sometimes we also see them being used for careers data within specific web applications.

One such example is the ‘WonderWhat’ careers app developed by Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) which is a unique take on how to engage students in careers by outlining the potential opportunities within the creative arts sector. The app allows students to scroll through 1000s of images on WonderWhat and select a collection of images tailored to their interests. The chosen images are used to find creative matches in terms of the courses at HE level and to generate related study and career resources.

Wonderwhat imagelist

WonderWhat uses the ‘custom widget’ option in Pathways One to curate a relevant list of occupations for each of the arts courses offered in order to illustrate the wide variety of career options available.

Wonderwhat results

We love the concept of this tool as it’s a great way to inform students of the many career opportunities in the arts sector, particularly as the common perception is that it can be hard to get a job having studied an arts course. The tool helps to debunk this myth and therefore promote creative courses as viable options with lots of potential career opportunities.

For more information and to try out the app - see the WonderWhat website

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