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A Year in Careers

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With over 50 Colleges now using Pathways we decided to create an annual report utlising our data on a national basis

Although this has been a very strange and uncertain year for everyone, Pathways has continued to be an increasingly popular choice for colleges wanting their students to see the direct link between the courses they offer and the potential progression and job options available to them having completed the course.

There are now over 50 colleges who have embedded Pathways into their websites. Due to the unprecedented current circumstances it's become more important than ever for students to choose the right courses to give them the best possible chance of obtaining a job.

With so many colleges now using Pathways we thought it would be interesting to look at how it’s being used on a national scale. So having crunched all the numbers, we decided to make a webpage to help illustrate the results for 2020.

2020 A year in careers

Looking at the national results

With Health and Social Care courses and occupations featuring right at the top of the list, we can see a direct relationship between the events of the pandemic and the types of courses that students are looking at. With so many occupations suffering as a result of COVID 19 and with the threat of so much unemployment it makes sense that so many students are looking to secure jobs in areas where there is a definite shortage and demand for workers.

Other interesting results can be found in the most viewed apprenticeship standards. Again we see a key worker occupation at the top of the list, but the interesting thing here is that it isn’t the obvious apprenticeship routes (such as plumbing etc) that are coming up top in the list. What this shows is that there is a definite appetite for 'hands on' training for occupations which have traditionally required a more classroom based approach to training. This may also reflect students assumptions that this type of 'on the job training' is more likely to result in them gaining employment.

Results for your college

For colleges that use Pathways we have adapted the same 'year in careers' report and applied your own data to it. You can view your own 'year in careers' report by logging into your Pathways account.

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