Pathways Retrain

The new Pathways embed tool that helps adults find courses at your college by mapping their skills to new careers.

1Enter their current or previous job

2Find new careers based on their skills

3See information about a particular job

4View relevant courses at your college

Why focus on adults retraining?

We make it our business to continually improve Pathways to be more relavant and useful for colleges.

Normally this might mean adding new features or including different types of data, however with so many people now without jobs as a result of the pandemic, coupled also with the government's announcement regarding the Lifetime Skills Guarantee for adults, we decided to focus on how we could help adults who are looking for a new start.

So the aim of Pathways Retrain is to help adults to find potential jobs they might be interested in - all based around the skills that they have gained through their current or previous employment. These jobs are mapped to courses that can be taken at your college, allowing them to see how they can retrain and therefore allow access to that new job.

Key bits of cleverness

Picks from over 800 different careers

Skills mapped to careers

Promotes your courses by mapping them to careers

Dataset integration with recognised sources including National Careers Service, LMI for All and ONET

Special filter highlights level 3 courses which are free to relevant adults

Skills adjuster allows adults to refine their skillset to find more jobs

Track usage and trends through analytics reporting

Seemless integration with your website via embed code

Change colours to align with your website brand

And the best bit... Retrain is free with your Pathways licence

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Getting started

If you already have a Pathways licence, you can use Retrain now. However there are a few things we recommend you do before getting started.

  1. Add meta tags to your website to allow us to collect your course data (quick job for your web developer)
  2. We map your courses to over 800 careers
  3. Create a new page on your college website where Retrain will reside
  4. Use the embed code from your account to add Retrain to your new page

Retrain works best when your courses are mapped to the careers in Retrain. Read more about the process for importing your courses into Pathways.

Get in touch and we'll run through everything.