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Using Labour Market Information to engage prospective students

10th January 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

In November 2018 we ran a workshop at the College Marketing Network’s annual conference looking at how to use Labour Market Information to engage prospective students. We highlighted our own experiences and discussed why we built Pathways. This article aims to give an overview of that session.

Worthy winners at the College Marketing Network FE First Awards

6th December 2018 by Stephen Lockhart

Pathways was a proud sponsor of a new award at this year's FE First Awards by the College Marketing Network. As co-judges, we had some difficult choices to make when reviewing entries in the category for 'Making effective use of research and data'.

What degrees do students study after their STEM-related A-levels?

20th August 2018 by Stephen Lockhart

With results week upon us for BTEC, A-level and GCSE students, we thought it would be interesting to share some data from Pathways that offers insight into what degree subjects students take having studied on STEM-related A-levels.

Introducing Pathways Job Sectors

3rd August 2018 by Stephen Lockhart

Built with our same mapping technology, Job Sectors allows you to view jobs grouped by sector. 26 job sectors mapped to over 350 occupations lets your students see potential careers in their area of interest. Use as a careers resource with your current students to help them research and understand future career options.