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Ensuring Pathways is developer friendly

19th October 2021 by Stephen Lockhart

Our ethos for Pathways and its integration into your site has always been centred around making things as simple as possible for you. We provide you tools and it will just work. However we’re also aware some clients want more control, so we’re ensuring Pathways is easy to work with for developers.

New square occupation infographics for Instagram

6th October 2021 by Stephen Lockhart

A couple of clients have recently been in contact with us, asking if the Pathways Infographics could be available in a square format. To make them suitable for Instagram and other places where square graphics work best.

UCAS report: Where Next? What influences the choices school leavers make?

28th September 2021 by Stephen Lockhart

Earlier this year UCAS issued a report that highlights how the information and advice students receive in school has an important impact of their subject choices, qualifications, and future careers. Whilst the UCAS report looks primarily at routes into Higher Education, there are interesting findings that are relevant to all post-16 education options.

Webinar: Mapping your courses to careers

25th August 2021 by Stephen Lockhart

Earlier in the year we were invited by The College Marketing Network to run an online workshop discussing our Pathways tool, the forthcoming Retrain tool and the value in mapping your college courses to careers.

Help adults find courses to retrain

25th February 2021 by Tim Ketterer

It's never been more important for Colleges to cater for the needs of adults looking to retrain or up-skill. The pandemic has left many adults without jobs to go to and many considering different careers. Find out how the new version of Pathways could help you promote your courses to adults.

A Year in Careers

18th December 2020 by Tim Ketterer

With over 50 Colleges now using Pathways we decided to create an annual report utlising our data on a national basis

Updated T Levels for 2021

26th November 2020 by Stephen Lockhart

We have now updated the T Level offering within Pathways to include the seven new T Level subjects starting in 2021. All mapped to future careers.

New custom widget option

21st April 2020 by Tim Ketterer

We are really excited by our newest feature update to Pathways that allows you to create a custom instance of Pathways. This means you can now choose which jobs Pathways will show.

T Levels are now in Pathways

23rd March 2020 by Stephen Lockhart

Last week we released an update that brings T Levels into the Pathways tool. With this update, you can now choose to embed Pathways in each of your T Level courses that are starting in September to show career and progression information.

More job vacancies

16th March 2020 by Tim Ketterer

Our most recent update to Pathways involves the live job vacancies feed which is part of the regional data screen. The regional data screen allows students to view regional Labour Market Information for a specific job. This includes salary information and future employment statistics both of which are compared to the national average.

Introducing a new back button

13th January 2020 by Stephen Lockhart

With our latest release of Pathways we have introduced a small back button into the Career and HE selectors. Feedback from colleges highlighted the need to move back as well as forward, so we listened and made it happen.

LMI infographic posters are ready to download in your account

19th November 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

We had such a great response to our occupation infographics for social media, that we’ve extended these so you can download A4 posters showing key Labour Market Information for all jobs within Pathways.

Embed Pathways into your Higher Education and Apprenticeship course pages

19th November 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

In a big update to Pathways this week we have extended the tool to cater for your HE and Apprenticeship courses. The data mapping was always working behind the scenes to inform progression from your Level 3 courses, however we have now made available new versions of the widget specifically for these courses.

What we’ve learnt from the first million interactions with Pathways

12th November 2019 by Tim Ketterer

Although it’s still early days for Pathways, our first year has seen the tool being adopted by over 20 organisations, which we are really happy about. With lots of people now using Pathways we thought we’d look into our own data to see if we could see anything interesting.

A new analytics dashboard with downloadable reports

8th October 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

Pathways provides you with detailed usage data showing how prospective students are using Pathways in your website. In a recent conversation with a college, they asked whether there was a higher level view of this data that could be exported to PDF. So we made it happen.

Your vocational courses are now mapped to careers

25th September 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

This week we have integrated a new dataset into Pathways that shows career progression from all of your vocational courses. This allows you to highlight clear progression from your A Level, BTEC and now Vocational courses through HE and onto a variety of careers.

Mapping apprenticeship standards to jobs

9th August 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

We’ve released an update this week which brings apprenticeships into Pathways. This exciting update maps current apprenticeship standards to jobs, allowing students to see the apprenticeship options that lead to a specific job.

Pathways roadmap - what’s coming up!

19th July 2019 by Tim Ketterer

We are always looking to further the use and functionality of Pathways to ensure that our college clients are always getting the most out of what the tool offers. As a result we thought we’d share our ‘Pathways roadmap’ with you so that you can see what’s in the pipeline for future development.

Supporting your careers guidance at open events and in schools

16th July 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

Where you run face-to-face careers sessions or interact with students and parents at open events, Pathways can help here too. Pathways Solo enhances the support and guidance you already provide with instant access to consistent, high-quality and up-to-date careers and progression information for over 360 careers directly from your iPad.

Showcasing common study routes to a career

21st June 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

We’re always looking to improve Pathways and in our latest update we’ve introduced a new Common Study Routes screen. Using progression data from HESA, we highlight the most common routes students take from Level 3 courses through Higher Education and on to their chosen career.

Simplify how you embed Pathways with our new Auto Mapping feature

19th June 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

With the introduction of our new Auto Mapping feature, you no longer need to add different embed code for each version of Pathways you want to display. You now add the Pathways embed code once into your website templates, then use the new feature to determine which version of Pathways is shown on each page.

Using Labour Market Information to engage prospective students

10th January 2019 by Stephen Lockhart

In November 2018 we ran a workshop at the College Marketing Network’s annual conference looking at how to use Labour Market Information to engage prospective students. We highlighted our own experiences and discussed why we built Pathways. This article aims to give an overview of that session.

Worthy winners at the College Marketing Network FE First Awards

6th December 2018 by Stephen Lockhart

Pathways was a proud sponsor of a new award at this year's FE First Awards by the College Marketing Network. As co-judges, we had some difficult choices to make when reviewing entries in the category for 'Making effective use of research and data'.

What degrees do students study after their STEM-related A-levels?

20th August 2018 by Stephen Lockhart

With results week upon us for BTEC, A-level and GCSE students, we thought it would be interesting to share some data from Pathways that offers insight into what degree subjects students take having studied on STEM-related A-levels.

Introducing Pathways Job Sectors

3rd August 2018 by Stephen Lockhart

Built with our same mapping technology, Job Sectors allows you to view jobs grouped by sector. 26 job sectors mapped to over 350 occupations lets your students see potential careers in their area of interest. Use as a careers resource with your current students to help them research and understand future career options.